"Colorsplosion" -  Kathy Sloper

"Colorsplosion" - Kathy Sloper

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Abstract by local Sequim artist Kathy Sloper

Kathy was born and raised in So. California, majored in art, receiving an AA degree and a Certificate in graphic arts at Cal State University at Riverside. She is wildly interested in Ancient Egypt and many of her artistic creations have an Egyptian theme or are recreations of ancient Egyptian objects.

Kathy has been in many competitions in Calif, winning various awards throughout the years, the most prestigious, 2nd place in the Doctors Hospital Exhibition 1971.  She retired from Amtrak in 2015 and with her husband Armand, moved to the place they have loved and visited for 40 years..Sequim!

Kathy has worked in various mediums such as Oils, Acrylics, Water Colors, Woodcuts, Bead Embroidery, Pottery, Photoshop, Woodworking, Paper Mache, Plaster work, Brick Laying, tile Making and Laying, Calligraphy, Decoupage, and some Stained Glass.

Size is 20” x 20”

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